Choosing Stackable Rings To Fit Your Style

Stackable rings have been used as an adornment for many decades, and currently, the rings are available to match your individual tastes. While they tend to come in three rings per set, you are not limited to just this number and can add as many as you like.

Most people look at what the ring is made from first. These rings can be made of bronze or acrylic or be made in stone or silver. Gold is always in style, and these can be of any colour, and many will feature rose, white and gold rings in one stackable ring collection. Platinum is also available, but it often limited to the wedding rings sets.

They types of rings available are wide-ranging. There are fine, bare bands and these can be worn with more then three rings. Some of them have words on them, and some can be filigreed. Some may feature twists to the metal, have a beaten appearance, or have be embellished with designs to the tops.

Stones are seen in stackable rings often. These can be real or faux gems, and can be a focal point in a setting, or create the band with their placement. The engagement ring and wedding band are perhaps the best known of stackable rings, and an Eternity band, or anniversary ring, can be stacked with these to complement them.

The most distinctive stackable rings are the puzzle ring. They come in a set of three, and have one way to put them together to wear them as one ring. The designs on these are limitless, and can have an open or closed design when joined. The bands on these are almost always thin, so the top part can be the focal point.

Stackable rings can be wide ranging in price, depending on the materials you choose, and can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, but are sure to be an attention grabbing piece of jewelry.